Skyscanner Indonesia Campaign Results

Skyscanner Indonesia Influencer Marketing Case Study

Campaign Summary in Numbers 

The campaign was designed to create content about Indonesia with Bali being one of the top searched destinations in South East Asia on Skyscanner while Flores and Yogyakarta are also becoming more popular by the day. The aim is to share real time experiences through live updates on Social Media during the 10 day trip and write destination articles with tips, advice and recommendations based on what the team went through including re-purposing photos, videos and social posts to inspire travellers. 

Inspiring our content consumers is a first step. The real influencer marketing work lies in the actual influencing readers to search for flights to Indonesia or at the very least drive them to the Skyscanner website or app. In Skyscanner Growth (marketing) pirate metrics these are translated as Acquisition and Activation. When influencers' audience are referred to Skyscanner they become users (Acquisition) and eventually customers, better yet loyal customers (Retention). When this audience performs an action on the site, be it search for flights or any other activity, e.g. subscribe to the Price Alert or Explore the Map, they are activated (Activation). 

However, our long term goal is to build stronger relationships with the influencers because influencer marketing should be an ongoing collaboration between Skyscanner team, Influencers as well as the new users, i.e. the influencers' audience. 

Watch the travel bloggers in action in Flores: Labuan Bajo, Komodo Islands, Ende, Kelimutu and Maumere