PING Helsinki 2017 Highlights

Skyscanner for PING Helsinki Business Festival 2017

There was three of us from Skyscanner attending PING Helsinki: Itziar Irazabal (Growth Manager) who looks after Skyscanner for Finland, Sophie Harper (Junior Growth Executive) who is part of the EMEA Growth Factory Squad and myself, Tika Larasati (Senior Growth Manager) looking after the global influencer marketing strategy at Skyscanner.

It was our first time in Finland and we were really happy for the opportunity to represent Skyscanner, explore Helsinki and meet Finnish brands and content creators in person as well as other participants from across the globe! Oh, and the chance to savour some of the local delicacies, pretty much anything we could get our hands on during the short time we were there. 


SkyscannerPing-it: Because we love Polaroid photos! 

We asked the content creators at the event to pin their photo on their dream destination on the map. It looks like many of the Finnish travellers are looking to go where the sun is always shining! Thanks to everyone who took part. It was nice meeting you and hearing your thoughts about Skyscanner. Remember to add your contact details on our list for Finland content creators here


Keynote Speech: The Truth about Influencer Marketing (Tika Larasati)

After my presentation at WTM London 2016 for Traverse Events, Inna-Pirjetta Lahti invited me to speak at PING Helsinki 2017 to share Skyscanner insightsn on Influencer Marketing. Five months down the line, I found myself standing in front of a crowd of 670 content creators and enthusiastic marketers from Finland and other parts of the globe. It was an honour to be alongside three other amazing keynote speakers: Ann Handley, Ilkka Halava and Casey Neistat. Within twenty-five minutes (and an additional 3 minutes I stole from Casey) I shared my version on the truth about influencer marketing from our experience at Skyscanner. You can also read Sophie's blog about Ann Handley's keynote speech that day on the Skyscanner Growth blog


A Fantastic PING Helsinki Experience 

All photos by Rabbit Visuals


Kiitos PING! Kiitos Helsinki! Kiitos Finalnd!