7 biggest vlogger mistakes I did before 38,000 subscribers in Youtube

Hello there!

Do you want to have your own travel youtube channel?

Cool! In this post I am going to share the biggest mistakes I did during the first 3 years. Mistakes that could have avoided me hours and hours of creating videos that anyone ended up watching.

My Story

I am Marc and I am working for Skyscanner as a product manager but in my free time I am a travel vlogger.

I started my travel youtube channel when I went to china for exchange. I loved traveling and youtube so much I thought people could be interested in my adventures in China. Since then, I have been sharing my experiences traveling around the world or working in Berlin and Edinburgh.


It hasn’t been an easy path. My first 2 years were very difficult, as I got less than 2.000 subscribers.

I was very frustrated. Why didn’t it work?

However, after reading lots of blog posts and learning about marketing, the tendency started to change and in 1 year I got more than 30.000 subscribers. Are you curious about these mistakes? 


7 Biggest Vlogger Mistakes

1. Focusing on travel blogs before having enough audience

Travel vlogs are really cool in case:

  • You have a really engaged audience
  • You have amazing editing skills

In case you don’t have any of them, I would say it is better to start with other alternatives:

  • Travel Guides - Examples: What to do in x place? / 10 cool restaurants to go to
  • Travel Advice - Examples: How to buy cheap flights? / How to travel for free?
  • Travel Lists - Examples: 10 cheap places to travel to in 2017 / 10 best beaches in the world

These are very good videos in terms of SEO and virality and will be able to get your first subscribers easily.


2. Not do collaborations with other youtube channels

At the beginning I was just focused on creating my own videos.

This is a great idea to gain a sustainable audience, but if you want to have a faster growth, it is very good to do collaborations with other youtubers.

Not only you are going to gain subscribers, but you will also:

  • Build very cool relationships (or even friendships)
  • Learn other ways of creating content

3. Not having anything that makes me special


I was just another person that decided to share his trips at youtube.

Why should anyone follow my channel if there are so many of them? Why mine and not another one?

After experimenting a lot, I started to understand why people were finding me special:

  • I gave them useful tips to travel for free.
  • I was able to speak 6 languages.
  • I have lived in 4 different countries and travelled in more than 40

I am sure you have something special. It might be you are traveling with kids. It might be you know a lot about traveling in cruises. It might be you are very good at making people laugh. Once you find that, your channel will spread much faster.


4. Not focusing on creating cool thumbnails and titles for your videos

Did you think creating videos is the most important part of having success in youtube?

Wrong, I don’t know any youtuber that has been successful with very bad thumbnails and very bad titles.

Imagine you have a very very beautiful and shiny box and a very ugly and broken box. Which one would you open the first? Chances are you would open the beautiful box first.

I would say the most important factors for your youtube success are titles and thumbnails. And the proof is that in my channel Decide Tu Futuro, I have a video with more than 400.000 views, which content is quite bad, that got all its traffic from the thumbnail and title.


5. Not focusing on creating a great beginning for the video

The part in which you can see the biggest drop in any video are the 20 first seconds. During those first seconds it is great if you can:

  • Be very energetic
  • Give intrigue to the viewer
  • Show that the video has outstanding quality

That’s why in my other youtube channel, which is about choosing a university degree, I always start the same way.

Like this: "Don’t you know which degree to choose? Do you feel lost? Then this is your channel, welcome to decide your future."


6. Not focusing enough in data

Right now, I have 2 kinds of videos:

  • Videos to engage community
  • Videos to create community

And with the videos of creating community (mostly by vitality or SEO) I need to have prove that a similar video has arrived to at least 100.000 views. If not, I move to the next idea.

I am a very passionate person, and what usually happened to me is that I find a video a very good idea and then do it. It is great to innovate, but from my experience it is good to keep a balance between innovating videos and videos that you already know that will work.


7. Not having enough patience

If you want to create an online business, if you want to create an audience, if you want to have a huge impact in the world, it won’t happen in very little time. We are used to reading articles of people that have been successful in very little time.

Only those that keep trying with patience are the ones that are going to succeed.

In some points during the creation of my youtube channel I was too focused on how many subscribers I had, when it is better to be patient in order to avoid this potential frustration.


I hope you enjoyed this article, in case you have any questions about my work at Skyscanner or my experience being a travel vlogger, feel free to send me an instagram direct at @makeaventuras.

I will be very happy to help you :)

- Marc